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The Footprint Trust, a renowned environmental charity committed to promoting sustainable living, has been awarded a substantial grant of £900,000 to spearhead a pioneering pilot project in collaboration with Testlands Wellbeing Hub. This funding opportunity arises from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, in conjunction with the South West Net Zero Hub, aiming to explore cutting-edge approaches to delivering in-person, home energy advice to householders in the Isle of Wight and Southampton region.


The grant, secured through a highly competitive application process, aims to support initiatives that align with the national commitment towards energy security and achieving net-zero emissions. The collaboration between The Footprint Trust and Testlands Wellbeing Hub emerged as one of the six successful applicants selected to lead this crucial initiative in our local area.


The primary objective of this groundbreaking project is to develop innovative methods to provide personalised and effective energy advice to diverse consumer groups. The Footprint Trust, with its vast experience in environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, is uniquely positioned to spearhead this initiative. Partnering with Testlands Wellbeing Hub, which has demonstrated remarkable dedication to community well-being and outreach programs, guarantees an inclusive and people-centric approach to the project.


"We are thrilled to have been chosen as a recipient of this prestigious funding from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero and the South West Net Zero Hub," said Norman Arnold of The Footprint Trust. "This grant will enable us to work hand in hand with Testlands Wellbeing Hub to explore and implement innovative methods for providing in-person, home energy advice to various consumer groups. Our combined efforts will play a pivotal role in accelerating the transition to a sustainable and energy-efficient future in the South West."


The pilot project which will run for two years aims to engage with individuals and communities to deliver tailored energy advice that empowers them to make informed decisions regarding the energy efficiency of their home. By leveraging the knowledge and expertise of The Footprint Trust and Testlands Wellbeing Hub, the program aims to provide detailed help and advice to over 7,500 people to help them improve their homes and reduce their energy bills. The project will also help identify grants that people can apply for to carry out the work on their homes.


"We are excited to collaborate with The Footprint Trust on this visionary project," stated Luke Newman of Testlands Wellbeing Hub. "Together, we can reach and support diverse consumer groups, ensuring that everyone has access to the resources and knowledge necessary to make sustainable choices for their homes and communities."

The project will be closely monitored and evaluated for its impact and effectiveness in delivering energy advice and fostering behaviour change. The results and learnings from this initiative are expected to be shared with other regions across the country, amplifying the reach and influence of these innovative approaches.


Jon Rattenbury, South West Net Zero Hub Programme Manager, said: “We are pleased to be able to award this funding on behalf of the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero to six south west based groups that have shown a real appetite to support their communities to take action to save carbon and improve the energy efficiency of their homes. We look forward to working with these groups to share the learning from the pilot projects on providing tailored advice and developing the provision of advice to support as many people as possible.”


The Footprint Trust and Testlands Wellbeing Hub extend their sincere gratitude to the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero and the South West Net Zero Hub for entrusting them with this significant opportunity to make a difference in the transition towards a more sustainable future.

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