Testlands Multi sport Coaching

Leading PEPASS & Leisure Provider in the South

"I would recommend TMC without reservation to any school wanting to enhance its provision in this area."

Ian Taylor - Headteacher - Oakwood Primary School

Leading PEPASS & Leisure Provider in the South

Founded in 2010, Testlands MultiSPORT Coaching has been dedicated to make a difference to teach, train and transform young people and adult’s lives in Southampton through offering opportunities to learn and lead in several capacities.


TMC’s vigorous and accurate assessment is used to tailor make all sessions we deliver to ensure personalised learning and progress for all, whether in groups, classes or as individuals, irrelevant of starting points or physical capabilities.


Our network and partnerships with a range of other sporting providers across Southampton, allows us to ensure that all needs and interests can be met from the mainstream to the bespoke. E.g Football, Tennis and Cricket to Taekwondo, Martial Arts and Yoga

Mission Statement

"Dedicated to make a difference; we teach, train and transform young people and adult’s lives in Southampton through offering opportunities to learn and lead in several capacities."

TMC Services


TMC provide a wide vairety of services that could benefit you. Our coaches have indepth knowledge and qualifications that help to deliver all of our services at an outstanding level.



We take pride in our ability to not only give children a fantastic opportunity in sport but most importantly in our ability to create amazing young sports person.

This is shown by our 'Sport Personality Of The Week' award that is given to a child in each school we work in for something they have done that has shown great SET responsibilities. 

S - Sportsmanship   E - 110% Effort   T - Team Work


At the end of the Academic year, our SPOTW's for each school will be reviewed and a Sports Personality Of The Year will be presented to the worthy winner. 


Ian Taylor - Headteacher at Oakwood Primary School


Oakwood has had a relationship with Luke and his team at TMC for a number of years now, going right back to the formation of the company. Indeed, it was an after-school basketball club right here at the school which started TMC off. As a result, we are very pleased and proud with the the success of the organisation.


We use TMC's expert coaches for curriculum PE, Games and Dance and we also have coaches supporting playground games at lunchtimes. TMC have supported the school with several programmes to get children more active, including "Road to Rio" and our "Sport 4 All" and "Personal Best" days.


We remain consistently pleased with, not just the quality of the coaching, but also with the excellent relationships the coaches have with the children and the staff. 

I would recommend TMC without reservation to any school wanting to enhance its provision in this area.




Kate Vincent - Headteacher at Banister Primary School


We have been working with Testlands now for 5 years. Over the years we have found them to be incredibly responsive to ours and our children's needs.  Since the introduction of the attached leader this year, the consistency in communication has significantly improved - As a head and as a company leader, it is difficult to find time to communicate the small things and this new role has enabled us to do just that.

Testlands bring more than just PE to our school;  they are integral members of our staff and provide opportunities to celebrate achievements beyond lessons through Personal best days, celebrations for whole school of their terms focus, support at lunchtime with some challenging children to provide structured play and develop friendship groups as well as supporting and co-ordinating resources and sports day!


The children and staff absolutely love the team we have. They feel confident and comfortable to approach them and ask for help within and beyond their lessons and provide our staff with quality time for PPA. They provide a differentiated service in which all children are involved and experience success irrelevant of their ability, level of language or physical restrictions. They are sensitive to our children's needs and respond appropriately.


They implemented Sports leaders with our children few years ago, as a result of their training and mentoring we have a highly successful programme at lunchtimes where our children are able to faciliatate, lead and manage their own lunch provision. We have highly skilled child mentors who are able to calm situations and use leadership techniques to problem solve and plan for success.


This would not have been possible without the support, energy and enthusiasm that Testlands provide. 




Laura Jones - PE Coordinator Shirley Warren Primary School


We approached Testlands Multisport Coaching due to the expansion of our school as we were completely changing the way that our school delivered PE. Testlands have helped us to ensure that every child in the school receives good quality PE and each child has positive learning experiences, no matter their start point with physical activity. As a result, our children have access to a variety of skills and sports in their lessons, a range of after school clubs, coach-led skills based opportunities at lunch times and, most importantly, the coaches have transformed the way our children view PE in general - they are excited to go to their lessons now! The experience that the lead coaches offer is fantastic, as well as providing opportunities for apprentices to develop their skills. I would recommend Testlands to any school that feels that they need a fresh outlook on P E.

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