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Testlands' is focused on improving the wellbeing of its community, particularly children, young people, and families in Southampton. We aim to empower and rejuvenate local young people through sports and other well being-focused activities. We strive to collaborate with local sports clubs and other like-minded partners to foster physical health, mental resilience, and community engagement.


Testlands Wellbeing Hub, Green Lane is a fantastic facility that is extremely versatile in its use for the entire community. Its main purpose is to serve the local residents and beyond by tackling the poverty of opportunity that is commonly faced by all demographics. We do this by building strong partnerships with external groups and clubs in sport, education, health and wellbeing whilst also being able to internally offer a vast range of activities and services through our skilled and experienced staff. 

We are offering FREE home energy assessments (worth £150) that helps you save money, reduce energy usage and positively impact the environment. For more information please click here!

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