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Testlands Wellbeing Hub offer a wide variety of internal and external classes & clubs.

All of our internal classes are available for Gold and Platinum members (unlimited use) & pay as you go members.

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Funkyfit Boxing is the latest fun, energetic and most versatile fitness boxing concept to ever hit the fitness world right now. 

It’s suitable for EVERYONE! Funkyfit boxing will not only get you fit but will get you energised through punching your way towards a positive mindset!

So put your boxing gloves on, hit those pads and rediscover yourself. FREE YOUR MIND

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Come and join our fun, energetic, motivational indoor cycling classes designed for all abilities.

We want you to achieve your goals and enjoy your fitness journey with like minded people. Let's Go!

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We start you off with some gentle core exercises and then finish of with some full body stretches in order to relax your body and increase your range of motion.

This is a short session suitable for everyone so you have no excuses to join this one.

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Fitness has never been so fun! Zumba is a dance fitness class you can really enjoy whilst getting a high energy workout. 

High and low intensity options are available so these sessions are appropriate for all levels of fitness and experience, gender, age and that's certainly reflected in our attendance. 

We've been running for some years with a loyal group of sociable regulars always happy to warmly welcome new members. 

Please wear sensible clothing and trainers & bring a bottle of water.

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Full Body Blast with Callum every Wednesday 5-6pm.

Please wear sensible clothing and trainers & bring a bottle of water.

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