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Boxing Gloves


The Southampton City Council Stronger Communities Team proudly supports a transformative 12-week sports initiative aimed at rejuvenating and empowering the youth of our community. By collaborating with five local sports clubs and training gyms, we're crafting an experience designed to inspire positive life choices, enhance physical health, and build self-confidence in our young participants.

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Participating Clubs

FunkyFit Boxing
Golden Ring Boxing
Matt Fiddes Training
British Taekwondo Schools (BTS)
Neon Martial Arts


Phone: 02382 026 700

For ages 7-18 years

Programme Highlights

Youth Engagement: Our mission is to involve 50 young individuals, with a special emphasis on those who are at risk, guiding them towards a path of improved health, heightened confidence, and better overall life choices.

Tailored Activities: While we have a range of sports and activities planned, we prioritise the voices of our youth participants. Their preferences and requests will shape the course of the programme, ensuring a tailored and enjoyable experience for all.

Supporting Local Clubs: This initiative is not just for the youth; it's for our local community. In times when memberships at local gyms and clubs are on the decline, this programme also acts as a promotional booster and provides gainful work opportunities for the participating clubs.

Venue – A Safe Haven: All sessions will be hosted at the Testlands Wellbeing Hub on Green Lane, ensuring a safe environment where young participants can channel their energy in a positive direction and express themselves without reservations.

Exclusive Participant Benefits: Each young participant will receive a YP wellbeing membership at Testlands, granting them free access to the gym and other facilities. This additional support is designed to further their journey to wellbeing beyond the duration of the programme.

Funding and Support

This project is made possible thanks to the full funding provided by the Southampton City Council Safer Neighbourhood Team. Their generous support underscores a commitment to the wellness and development of the city's youth. We invite all interested participants and supporters to be a part of this transformative journey, where we aim to empower, express, and evolve together.

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