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Testlands are working with partners in the Net Zero industry to offer support and guidance toward reducing your carbon footprint. 

Our shared vision? Providing tailored energy advice and promoting eco-friendly living in Isle of Wight and Southampton. To view our full press release click here


Home Energy Guidance

Learn how to improve the value of your home whilst reducing running costs. 

Find better ways to keep your home warmer this winter. 

We save most households £200 per year on their energy bills. We talk about tariffs and look to see how to reduce your energy and water use which will help you stay within budget. We also help people access grants and other assistance. We are looking to help over 8000 people a year including young families, veterans, pensioners, and disabled people.



We offer free training for frontline workers to identify and support those in fuel poverty, this training can be given via Zoom or in person. 


Monergy Workshop

Free face to face advice to help save money on your bills.

Our workshops help give you the skills to cut bills!

We explain the real costs of running everyday appliances and tips to reduce your energy and water bills.

There is nothing like saving £200 just by doing some very simple things!

Our Monergy workshops last under an hour, and cost you nothing but could save your household hundreds of £££’s a year.

Did you know you could get a discount of over £100 from your electricity company just by ringing them up?

Your showering could be costing you £500 a year!

Your old chest freezer could be running up bills of £15 a month!

In less than an hour, we can give you the skills to understand your bills!

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