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What is Short Breaks Innovation Programme?

This funding is for young people between 11 - 25 years old with SEN & SEMH needs who are not currently eligible for other short breaks funding.

The programme is focusing on introducing Inclusive Wellbeing Hubs (IWHs) that are strategically placed within local communities across Southampton & Portsmouth. We strongly believe that communities should have the opportunity to access all relevant health & wellbeing services in one localised place. 

Inclusive Wellbeing Hubs are an opportunity to bring multiple services together that can support the wellbeing of our children, young people, families and communities. 

We are utilising the funding to identify locations across Southampton & Portsmouth and to work with providers and communities to develop these Wellbeing Hubs.

The programme will help train and support local providers whilst working with specialist SEN & SEMH providers to establish places and provisions with local stakeholders and partners to provide a wide range of physical, creative, social and real world activities for all eligible young people between April 2024 - March 2025.

The programme is targeting young people from Southampton and Portsmouth in the following 6 pathways:-

  1. Pre 16 SEN (11-16 Special Educational Needs)

  2. Post 16 SEN (16-25 Special Educational Needs)

  3. Pre 16 SEMH (11-16 Social, Emotional, Mental Health Difficulties)

  4. Post 16 SEMH (16-25 Social, Emotional, Mental Health Difficulties)

  5. Pre 16 (11-16) Pupils at risk of Permanent Exclusion (Pex) and/or have been excluded at least once within the last 12 months

  6. Young people on the CAMHS waiting list and for whom the Neurodiversity Profiling Tool (ND Profiling Tool) has been completed with attendance below 90%. 

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